The feed reader known as feedly offers an easy way to aggregate your information feeds in one place. Feed readers aggregate internet content into one convenient place, making it possible for you to quickly scan headlines and full stories at a glance from a variety of different providers. here my personal and professional tastes on the site.

Personal interests:

Screenshot_2018-11-24 Feedly organize, read and share what matters to you

Bloody disgusting:This is for all you horror lovers out there that enjoy a good scare, keep track of the latest horror news here.

Kotaku Cosplay: Enjoy video game, movie or anime cosplay then come on down to Kotaku cosplay!

High snob society:This is for fashionistas like me, look at the latest fashion trends.

Steam: If you’re a gamer like me and you dont have a console then getting this app on your pc is a must.

Voice acting mastery: If you ever wish ti do voice work like me, then check out these following tips.

Screenshot_2018-11-25 Feedly organize, read and share what matters to you

American Radio Relay: If you’re job or dream job is to work in the radio business then look at these tips that will help you in  the future whether you’re starting out or a veteran.

Communication world: Communication is key in the modern age, this site will help you on how to have better communication skills.

Harvard business Review: Prestigious advice from one of the best universities in the world on how to run a business or how to conduct it.

Social Media Examiner: If you have trouble figuring out technology on any platform then this will certaintly help you, follow for the latest blogs and tips to help you

Social Media Expert: Wish to grow your channel or account on social media? then heres the place for you.


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