Internet Of Things:

Definition: A concept that is used to refer for devices to an interconnection of several physical objects through a network.

Brief History: The concept “Internet of Things” emerged in 1999, Kevin Ashton used for the first time the term “Internet of Things” to refer to a connection with the RIFD tenology at the Auto-CID center of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Applications: In fact, applications are used to have a connection to the Wi-Fi network to perform its function. Most of these work only with devices that are part of the company that puts them up for sale, such as: to.


1.Kreyos Meteor: Smart watch that can be used with the main functions of a cell phone without having to use the cell phone. Also in races you get a step mark and a record of heart movements. Another “plus” is that you can connect with different social networks to see the publications of other people without having to use the cell phone for it.

2. Amazon Echo: Speaker with an artificial intelligence. The functions that this speaker can do apart from the music is the power to control basic household devices as they can become lights and thermostats. For other functions are the ability to create alarms and notify you of events implemented in a calendar; all this with talking to ‘Alexa’ who would be artificial intelligence is an assistant with which you can perform the task you want only using the voice.

b. Applications:

Smart Home: Basically it is applied to the actions of the home, as it can be the change in temperature, turning lights on and off and blocking entries through padlocks.

Connected Cars: Goes mainly to cars; Actions such as notifying you if the car has a fault, the inclusion of sensors for the location of the car during the movement of the same.



Sanmartín Mendoza, P., Ávila Hernández, K., Vilora Núñez, C., & Jabba Molinares, D. (2016). Internet of Things and Home-Centered Health / Internet of Things and Home-Centered Health. Revista Salud Uninorte, (2), 337. Retrieved from

Resume: Here they want to present a way in which the Internet of things can be useful for health in homes and how it would be carried out depends on the social class of the residents.  

Erick Escobar Gallardo, & Alex Villazón. (2018). Energy Monitoring System and Dometic Control Based on Technology “Internet of Things.” Research & Development, Vol 18, Iss 1 (2018), (1). Retrieved from  

Resúmen: They use the concept of the Internet of things for the retention and manipulation of the energy consumption of the “Renewable Energy Laboratory” of the Bolivian University through solar panels.  

Johan Smith Rueda, & Jesús Martín Talavera Portocarrero. (2017). Similarities and differences between Wireless Sensor Networks and the Internet of Things: Towards a clarifying posture. Colombian Magazine of Computation, Vol 18, Iss 2, Pp 58-74 (2017), (2), 58.  

Resúmen: Here they mention in different facets the certain similarities shared by wireless sensor networks and the internet of things.

Expert’s Twitter: Kevin Ashton:


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Mi Experiencia con Maria:

Cuando yo escuche las noticias de un huracan yo asumi que iba a ser lo regular,mucha lluvia, no voy a tener luz por unos dias ni escuela, y despues regresaria todo a normal. Despues escuche la noticia grave,que este huracan iba a ser el huracan mas grande en 80 años de la historia de Puerto Rico. Mi corazón se cayo, no pude creer mis ojos ni oidos, categoria 5. la categoria mas peligrosa de huracan que hay, sabia que iba a ser malo, por nada me preparo lo que iba a venir. El dia que llego el huracan decidi irme a la casa de mis abuelos, porque estaba preocupado por sus salud y seguridad, vivimos en san juan so el ojo del huracan estaba directamente pasandono por encima y acho, lo sentimos. Esa noche nadie podia dormir, la lluvia y los truenos y los arboles pegandole a la ventana nos dejo despierto por toda la noche. Maria solamente estaba en Puerto Rico por un dia. Pero los effectos de Maria se sienten hasta este dia. La mitad de los arboles destruidos y diezmado. Casas inundados y destruidos por completa. Y la isla entera sin luz, un verdadero catastrofe. El dia siguiente despues de Maria mis abuelos y yo nos despertamos a un techo roto y agua constantemente entrando a la casa, ventanas destruidas, y arboles y jardines completamente destruidos, teniamos que pagar a gente para ayudarnos por que los arboles estaban obstruyendo el garage donde estaba los carros. Los hombres y yo teniamos que coger machetes para cortar los arboles uno a uno. en los meses despues de Maria cada vez que pase por mi isla vi nada mas que destrucción, la mayoria de los dias que pase con mis abuelos fue comprando diesel para llenar la planta y sacando agua de la casa cuando llovia. Despues era ayudar a mi madre a limpiar su casa porque se inundo. Casi no habia comunicación la unica forma para yo tener wifi era en la oficina de mi abuelo. Mi familia hasta trato con walkie talkies pero nada sirvio.

La casa antes de Maria: IMG_6218.jpg

La casa despues de Maria:



Me han dicho que Maria no va a ser el ultimo huracan asi, que estos huracanes van a ser una ocurriencia normal, y si eso es cierto, no quiero vivir en Puerto Rico jamas.




Trustfull articles about men’s fashion:

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Referencia 2: 15 puntos

Referencia 3: 14

Referencia 4: 14

Referencia 5: 14

Why is the internet so important now?

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The internet is based on one thing, COMMUNICATION. The internet is a means to connect with your friends and families and complete strangers. But now it has evolved into so much more, video streaming, gaming, movies, music, art, and so much more to come.The internet allows to express ourselves in the nicest, or not so nicest ways, whether through animosity, or face value.

source: Our cartoon president, Showtime.

The internet could be used to share political satire, opinions and other forms of entertainment.

But if you’re looking for lighthearted videos and or something to take you’re mind off of things you can search all of those in Youtube, aswell as all the latest and hilarious trends:

Source: Lord Of The Clips.

But if you’re not convinced then check out these articles that support my claim:

Why the internet is important.

Global communication

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